The Level 1 Licensee Certification holder is fully accredited to apply, interpret and provide feedback on the Benziger Assessment all around the world.

Neuroscience has shown how individuals tend to be more effective and successful when they are valued by the use of their natural abilities.

The Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment evaluation is an innovative tool that provides information on human behaviour from a neuroscience perspective.


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• Raising self-knowledge

In recruitment processes

• In the creation of retention programs

• In the career programs design

• In the improvement of communication

• In the formation of highly efficient teams

• In the competency models design

• In the improvement of positions profiles

• In coaching processes

In decreasing turnover

What can you do if you become a Licensee Level 1?

• Use the Benziger assessment for adults and use ONE, the Benziger assessment for adolescents.

Generate executive summaries and/or full reports, which is a 27 to 30 pages document.

• Use the Talent Profiling module, being able to extract reports that allows you to compare candidates with a particular position, as well to make comparisons between a person and several positions simultane.

Develop Team Reports and Analysis.

Student Profile

The BTSA is a model based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s theories, which provides valuable information about human behaviour from a neuroscience perspective, being very useful for executives, consultants, therapists and anyone interested in guiding others to achieve better performance, quality of life and well-being.

In work teams, the model helps leaders to understand in a better way the team members’ concerns such as perception, motivation and job satisfaction, as well it is a way to effectively address team difficulties such as achieving goals, cohesion and leadership.